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What is magichands?

Magichands is an initiative of Aramsei Foundation, a non-profit trust, working in the field of education, environment and agriculture. Magichands is a dedicated portal that is exclusively built for children with safety and fun as key ingredient for a better learning environment.


A platform to showoff your talent

As a user, you can post your works on drawing, writing, photography, audio/video recordings on your profile.

Your works are automatically shown to the user community in the Pinboard who can then like or comment your work and make a friend request to you.

Post feature
Deck feature

Get points and awards

Posting your works gives you 'magichands points' so does when someone show their appreciation by liking or commenting on your work. As you get more points your get awards which makes you more popular in the community.

Join your interest groups & make friends

Join the group of your interest to get new friends and valuable information in the field of your interests

Interest feature
Discuss feature

We have answers. Do you have any question?

Ask your questions and get them answered by a team of experts and child-specialists.

Explore the world editorial team brings you a whole lot of interesting information from all over the world. Enjoy watching videos, reading articles and ebooks that are thoughtfully chosen just for you.

Explore feature
Memory feature

Increase your memory

Play flashcard games that are scientifically proven to increase memory power. Flashcard games use the technique of 'spaced repetition' that enhances your memory. Play flashcard games from existing ones or create a new one to play and share with your friends.


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With the registration you can get free access to:

  • Magazine - 6 issues
  • A bimonthly colourful magazine aimed at both parents and children.
  • Contests and Workshops - 1 year access
  • Numerous contests and workshops spread across the year on various themes.
  • Facility Centre - 1 year access
  • A well equipped centre with computers, internet access, video & audio recorder, scanner and a children’s library

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get Magichands account?
Fill up the registration form above and submit. Within 24 hours one of our executive will contact you. After personal verification process you will get your Magichands account.
Why is the personal verification process?
Every account holder of Magichands is a child. To ensure safety of children, each membership account will be activated only after personal verification of address and all required documents provided.
What are the required documents to subscribe Magichands account?
Photocopy of your child's school ID card and birth certificate along with either of parent's photo ID card.
As a parent do I get an account?
Yes. With each subscription you get 2 accounts. One for your child and other for yourself. By this we ensure parents are updated with children's performance and have an opportunity to interact with other parents in our discussion forum. We also offer many other interesting features for parents.
What are the payment modes available?
As of now we only accept cash payment after our verification process is completed.
What are the timings of facility centre? and where it is located?
Your child can utlize Magichands facility centre from 9.00 am to 8.00pm on weekends and 3.00pm to 8.00pm on weekdays. You are requested to get prior appointment atleast a day before. Facility centre is locatied at
  • Magichands
  • M/S Aramsei Foundation
  • No: 3, Near 45 Feet Road,
  • Vallalar Salai, Venkata Nagar,
  • Puducherry -605011 India.
Do I need to pay for Magichands magazine, contests and workshops?
No, You have free access to the magazine, contests and workshops and facility centre during your membership period.
Do Magichands offer lifetime membership?
No at present we only offer annual membership. You can renew you membership annualy.
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